Secluded Society

(of a place) not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private.

Secluded Society; Verschwiegene Gesellschaft; Société Isolé; Società Isolato

The Secluded Society Logo

The Society

The Secluded Society is organised as an association (verein) according to the Swiss Civil Code (Schweizerisches Zivilgesetzbuch) Article 60ff. to further secure private communications and freedom of expression and opinion.


The statutes of our association, in German: Statuten [pdf].


Membership is possible for all interested natural and legal persons.

Signup can be performed by contacting the verein.


The name of the society references the want to be independent and to be able to securely, separately, communicate.


To make the community possible, with in mind the goals of the society we need a platform to secure communicate with our members. To achieve that goal our first big project is hosting Trident.

  • Trident

    Trident is a platform that provides secure and private group communications. Various groups are already using Trident to secure their communications.

    Please check the Trident website for more details.

  • Mesyx

    Mesyx is a message exchange platform and the core of Trident v2. Mesyx enables easy encrypted communications amongst global participants.

    Please check the Mesyx website for more details.

  • Smorph

    Selachimorpha, or short Smorph is a next-generation Anonimity network providing Packet Based Onion Routing with the goals of allowing Video and Audio conferences to happen securely and anonymously.

    We are building upon the knowledge and experiences of protocols like AYIYA, Tor and StegoTorus.